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Meet Marcia

Pet Medium and Healer

In the realm of physical reality, I am known as a Registered Nurse, an embodiment of healing guided by the principles of modern science.  Yet, my soul's calling whispered to me through the winds of personal tragedies.

First, the nurse watching my mother dropped her on her head - literally.  My mother was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma which the neurologist stated had an "85% chance that she will need surgery".  I got to work on my 15% non-surgery diagnosis with a laser, essential oils, and positive manifestations of healing.  My mother's subdural hematoma was healed without surgery.   


The next turning point in my journey involved my darling Labrador, Annie Banany.  I knew she was on the brink of dying and took her to see at least 6 veterinarians in the period of less than one week.  She was misdiagnosed every time.  Her death prompted me to begin learning and studying alternative ways to heal. 


Then, my cherished companion Bella Buttons, my Weimaraner, was diagnosed with cancer, stemming from a biopsy of a peculiar lump which emerged less than one week after she began a new remedy paradoxically hailed as the "miracle drug" for alleviating her discomfort of itching.


These profound experiences became my spiritual pivot, leading me towards the world of holistic and alternative healing practices, unifying the energies of both humans and animals.  I discovered the fascinating world of animal communication, where I learned the language of unconditional love and understanding.  I realized I was gifted with a rare ability, a spiritual beacon guiding lost souls.


I can see and understand the mystical activities at the Rainbow Bridge, a sacred space where our dear departed pets frolic and thrive in ethereal bliss until we meet them again.


My training as a nurse weaves seamlessly with my psychic insights, creating a unique tapestry of holistic healing.  It enables me to intuitively comprehend the needs of those seeking help, pinpointing what is essential for their healing journey and progression towards spiritual liberation.


If my spiritual talents and professional expertise resonate with your current needs, I invite you to reach out.

May my service illuminate your path towards healing and transcendence.

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