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Do our beloved pets come back to us?

Updated: May 29, 2023

I did a reading about a year ago for a young woman whose dog had crossed over to Rainbow Bridge; her main question was whether or not her dog was going to reincarnate and come back to her soon. Unfortunately, this dog had no plans to come back in the near future and was quite enjoying her stress-free existence in the Afterlife.

But it did get me thinking……… Do our “heart dogs” come back to us? And to this question I can affirm a resounding YES!

My first dog, Fawny-Buttons, was everything to me. Everywhere I went, Fawny came along. People would stop me in my car as she liked to stand on the passenger seat in my car, carefully balancing her front paws on the window as the window was rolled down. “Aren’t you afraid she will fall out?” People would stop beside my car at stop lights and ask this question frequently. It never occurred to me to be afraid because I knew if Fawny did not feel she could balance herself, she would sit her tush down in the car on the seat.

Fawny had a little separation anxiety, as well. Once she and I were in my parents’ backyard which had a chain link fence and I saw the neighbors outside (two chain link fences down). I left Fawny in my parents’ yard and went over to say hello. Soon thereafter, Fawny-Buttons was seated beside me, calmy looking deep into my eyes saying, “Not even a chain link fence can separate us”…..

I have done a lot of thinking about my Fawny in the last few decades. One day as I was looking at her picture on my desk in my office I heard, “I’m here”………. Since this is where I meditate, I quieted my mind, spun my chakras, and went to level (a SILVA term). Imagine my shock to find out that my Weimaraner, Bella (Bella-Buttons) is in fact Fawny-Buttons!

I confirmed this with a close friend and amazing Animal Communicator. And I know a number of Animal Communicators, as well as lay people, who will confirm that their dogs and cats have indeed come back to them. So it’s not as unexpected as one may think.

Reincarnation is quite a fascinating topic, especially when it comes to whether or not our dogs and cats are going to try to get back to us. So if this is one of your questions, Book a Reading.

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